Andrew Barber – Me, My World & I

For A.V. Barber, poetry is merely a means of expression. His original style of combining poetic passages with free flowing prose has been developed purely as a means of giving a little of himself to words – and always with some hope of making a difference. Well-traveled with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Andrew Barber finds a style all of his own. By utilising his observations on life, he presents a perspective of everyday living to which everyone can relate.

Out Now
As you might have gathered, I’m a little different, some might even say special! I’m not so much a poetry book, more a biography of everyday living. Within my pages, you will find the musings and poetry of an ordinary bloke from down your street. This is the life and times of Joe Average, a testament to life as you know it – and a vote for the real world. 

This project began in August 2012 and has a publish deadline of October 2013. The book will consist of 50 chapters, each of four pages (1 poem, 1 illustration and 2 pages of prose). This is the same format I adopted for my debut book, “Me, My World and I”, only this time I am writing a travel book.


“Me, My World, and I” is a book about life, not through the eyes of a superstar or viewed from some mansion in Beverly Hills, but as lived by an average guy. It is not a handpicked account of conveniently manufactured experiences created specifically to titillate readers, but is an honest account of the ups and downs experienced in an average year of most people’s lives.

Lion Hearts

In the hushed tone of a promise once made, by the argent light of the fullest moon, I beseech that you come to me. This is my crusade, you are my grail and I would drink from thee time and again, and never grow old.

The sun now comes and my words soon to your eyes shall be. I will wait but three turns of a day and then be gone – for it is better to serve the lion and be lost to the sword than die of a broken heart.

It’s the twelfth century, the third crusade and the beginning of an adventure that will test the love of even the strongest hearts.

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