Black And White

Black & White

As my first collaboration – this is a project that, for so many reasons, just had to happen. Kelvin has been a good friend for a number of years and it was he who introduced me to poetry.

Kelvin’s style greatly contrasts my largely classical approach, as he works mostly with free verse – a fact that lends itself nicely to this particular project.

For each chapter a subject will be chosen with each of us writing a poem according to the merits of our usual approach – thus giving the contrasting ends of the poetic scale as well as differing interpretation.

Work is now on-going with no planned publish date – although we estimate the project may well last around 2 years, giving a launch date of 2014.

The subjects for our poetry will come from our readers, family, friends and even the odd celebrity.

Meet Kelvin Fowler

Kelvin Fowler was born in a southern New Zealand village and grew up loving running, nature and dirt-track speedway.

A call to the nations’ minorities have been paramount to his life. He has been blessed enough to count among his friends transvestites in Australia, drug addicts in Mexico, a husky in Canada, malnourished kids in the Philippines, alcoholics in Scotland and orphans in Lithuania.

For the last ten years Kelvin and his beautiful wife have been interceding through the legacy of the Soviet Union and planting a Vineyard church in Lithuania’s port city of Klaipėda.

In-between times Kelvin likes to write, paint, take photos, ride his bicycle and listen to public radio and jazz.

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