Lion Hearts

Lion Hearts

In the hushed tone of a promise once made, by the argent light of the fullest moon, I beseech that you come to me. This is my crusade, you are my grail and I would drink from thee time and again, and never grow old.

The sun now comes and my words soon to your eyes shall be. I will wait but three turns of a day and then be gone – for it is better to serve the lion and be lost to the sword than die of a broken heart.

It’s the twelfth century, the third crusade and the beginning of an adventure that will test the love of even the strongest hearts.

Officially this collaboration doesn’t begin until August 2013, however research is already well underway and a back story in place. For me, the opportunity to work with a published novelist presents a new challenge and an opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities of creating a story.

I greatly admire Maree’s prose and am very proud to have been given this opportunity. We believe we have a unique concept and look forward to its fruition.

When complete, readers will come to embark on a deeply romantic medieval adventure that will leave them both breathless and wanting more.

No publish date currently exists; book trailers, a fan club, the sound track, news, views and interviews can all be found on the offical website here

Meet Maree Ward Russell

Maree Ward-Russell was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1965. She currently resides in Auckland, in a home with a sea view across Auckland Harbour.

She has two crazy cats, four fussy budgies and an army of teenagers to feed. By day she has been known to pick daffodils in the rain and by night she can be found stalking graveyards for creepy photos.

When not writing and looking after family she dreams of Dragons and Demons in the dark. She has been a Registered Nurse for twenty-six years and has an Advanced Diploma in Novel Writing from the New Zealand Business Institute.

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