Tour to Open in Lambeth

August 19, 2013
August 19, 2013

The Lion Hearts tour will open in Lambeth on the 31st October 2013. Both Maree and I are extremely proud to be working with the Healthy Living Club, an organisation dedicated to helping those with dementia. All funds from the opening night will go to charity.

Another event already set in stone will be held at my former school, Glebe House in Hunstanton, Norfolk – on 8th November.

Information regarding tickets for both of these events will be made available soon!

A number of other events will be announced soon!

This week over on Lion Hearts – Join the crusade!

April 28, 2013
April 28, 2013

We have a heap of new content coming for our members over on Lion Hearts! Remember, it is free to join and only takes seconds!

Monday 29th April – We are introducing a whole new page dedicated to The Lion Hearts band and their music. As preparations are made to record and release the band’s debut single, we have an interview with musician and project mentor, Robertas (AKA Robert Fox).

Tuesday 30th April – Two brand new lines of the week! Actors Caroline Wagstaffe and Mark Dawson give us their latest offerings from Lilly and Merek.

Wednesday 1st May – The Twitter Friends Interview – In this brand new Podcast, Maree and Andrew answer questions from their Twitter friends.

Thursday 2nd May – Rumour Mill Rumblings – New stories, hints and rumours are added to the Members rumour mill

Friday 3rd May – FanCast – We have another new page for you, as we invite fans to record their own podcasts and send them to us together with a picture!

Please be sure to join us for a busy week of new content in the Lion Hearts Members area!

Have you joined the Crusade? Click here to join!

Official Lion Hearts Website Launches

April 24, 2013
April 24, 2013

We are extremely proud to present the brand new, official Lion Hearts Website

The site boasts all the usual features keeping you fully up to date with all the latest news, facts and rumours! In addition, you can join the Lion Hearts Fan club completely for FREE!

Members will gain EXCLUSIVE access to additional features such as weekly podcasts from the authors, lines from the Lion Hearts actors, a forum, interviews and much, much more!

The existing Lion Hearts Fan pages over on Facebook will continue to publish excerpts and spoilers as usual!

Lion Hearts Sound Track Announced

April 24, 2013
April 24, 2013

We are extremely proud to be working with a group of very talented musicians in the crafting of a Lion Hearts sound track. The first song, “Just the Rain” was taken from a poem written by AV Barber, as featured in his debut book, “Me, My World and I”.

The group, also called “Lion Hearts”, have been formed specifically for the task of creating and performing music for the book. Rehearsals are going well, the mood is light and progress is being made! The first session in an actual recording studio is scheduled for next week with the track becoming available for download soon after!

In total it is expected that the sound track will comprise 10 tracks plus 2 remixes, all of which will be available for download, individually or as an album.

Lion Hearts Book Trailer Premiers

April 12, 2013
April 12, 2013

Maree and I are extremely proud to announce the premier of the first Lion Hearts book trailer which may be viewed by clicking here

The film was made with help from The Actors Lab and their Creative director Sue Jenkins, whose advice and assistance played a major part in securing the best possible results.

The part of Merek was played by Mark Dawson while Lilly was played by Caroline Wagstaff. Both actors will remain attached to Lion Hearts, and will feature in a number of upcoming projects.

We continue to be in talks with Sue, once of Coronation Street fame, with a view to a long term and mutually beneficial working relationship. She is currently producing and directing an open air production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream as well working on a new series for Channel 4.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the near future!

Just the Rain – Made into a Song

March 9, 2013
March 9, 2013

Just the Rain, one of the sadder poems from the “Me, My World and I” collection has been put to music. This is the first time any of my poems have been used in this way, but it may not be the last.

The artist “jammed” the number for me yesterday (8th March), and while it is not yet finished, it is impressive.

The song is currently performed in English to a solo guitar but given the clear potential of the song and the merit in taking it further, I will now work with the artist (who will be named at a later date) to add some polish.

Depending on the success of this project, we may then write and record more material, which may then even be performed in a coming tour. (There will be an announcement about the tour in a while).

“Just the Rain” will be available to listeners just as soon as it is ready to be heard!

Lion Hearts Update

February 18, 2013
February 18, 2013

My exciting collaboration with popular novelist Maree Ward Russell has now been confirmed for a start date of August 2013. This had always been our intention, but with us both juggling other projects, we have only recently been able to set it in stone.

Since forming the collaboration, Maree has added “The Transient” to her list of wonderful books and has its sequel “The Soul Keeper” just weeks away. She is currently involved in other projects and will publish again before August.

You can see my review of the Transient here! And see the book here!

I also continue to busy myself, with the continued development of three current projects, these being Memento (not yet officially announced), Postcards and Black and White. I will next publish in the autumn, a plan that will not be impeded in anyway by Lion Hearts.

We have for some time now been working on a back story, researching historical detail and shaping “side shows” through a collection of essays. These are as follows (in their correct reading order).

Memento –
Flamenco –
A Knights Crusade –
Whispers –
A Letter to Lilly –
Fallen –
Return –
Departure –
Journey –
Forsaken –
Elsewhere –
Battle –
Redemption –
Breath –
The Fell Part I –
The Fell Part II –

A Lion Hearts Fan page and the very latest spoilers can be found here!

An official Lion Hearts Website will launch SOON!

Maree can be found on Twitter @mibbymw

Kelvin on Tour

February 18, 2013
February 18, 2013

Kelvin Fowler, with whom I am currently collaborating in a poetry venture, Black & White, has now announced dates for his latest tour. Last year Kelvin ventured the length and breadth of Britain and Ireland, and as if that were not frightening enough, this time he will visit Germany and Holland!

The Number 8 tour kicks off in Berlin on Saturday March 16th, ending in Amersfoort (Holland) the following Friday. The trip will offer a gruelling schedule and includes at least one gig every day.

You can find out more here!

Black & White is now well under way with a number of chapters complete. You can read more about this project here!

Kelvin can be found on Twitter @f32dream

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2012
December 24, 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an extremely prosperous New Year. The support I have enjoyed from my readers has been amazing and something I really appreciate.

As gift from me to you, here is a link to me reading my Christmas poem, “On Christmas Eve” Listen to me Reading

This link can also be found on my Poems Works page! Jump to Page

Latest News Update

December 19, 2012
December 19, 2012

There have been a number of updates to these pages, so I will begin with brief highlights:

A general tidy around the site!

You can now jump directly to the Lion Hearts Fan Page from within the project page. I have also added the wonderful header organised by my fellow author Maree Ward Russell @mibbymw Jump to Page!

The Poetic Essays page has been updated Jump to Page!

The Poems page has been updated Jump to Page!

In other news, and in keeping with my promise to mention bookshops I see stocking my book, “Me, My World and I” can now be found on sale in the “Fully Booked” bookshop in Wisbech – Including signed copies!

My book is also now listed by Waterstones and as such can be purchased through their website and shops.