Poetic Essays by A V Barber

Title Published Excert Link
Insomnia Sep-12 Each night, the house and I, we talk. For the creek of a door and even the shrinking floor, all have voice. Read
An Autumns Day Sep-12 I mourn not the yesterday but long for tomorrow for I find no comfort in the in-between. Read
Who Am I Oct-12 I must always listen, not just for words but for when the words have stopped. Read
Words Oct-12 Let this dam be broken and with it let rise a flood of emotion and thought from an ocean raging with storm. Read
This is a Leaf Oct-12 Chestnut and chocolate come together in a delicious tangle of temptation amidst banks of scarlet and jonquil. Read
A Letter to Guinevere Oct-12 Should these be the last words, then let me rest weary of trite promise and be given to the warmth of a memory. Read
I Dream of Dulcinea Oct-12 The skies sink to obsidian shades while burned from dragon’s kiss – and then gone. Read
A Knights Crusade Oct-12 I count in threads, the sorrow, the blaze and the glory of thy splendour, and feel all three. Read
Whispers Oct-12 With bitter taste and washed by tears, this body, your touch, our hearts – tangled but unbroken and one. Read
You are Woman Nov-12 With burnished visage, florid in samite and lost to the tides of preconception, you shine in lambent glow. Read
Dragon Nov-12 In clash and rumble, with sparks the putrid bluster, a melee of claw and joust. Read
Memento Nov-12 Beneath the drape and needle lace, beyond trappings and stirred, we breathe as one. Read
A Letter to Lilly Nov-12 As posies of Agapanthis, tied eternal and given in shade of Orleander, I beseech thee, a kiss. Read
Fallen Nov-12 In retreat and without defence, I hide within you and seek the clemency of love. Read
Return Nov-12 Awash, in tears, swept by hunger and lost to the union of souls – two halves become whole. Read
Departure Dec-12 In peril of duty, before the magnificence of honour and in contradiction of my heart, the lion’s call and the resting lamb bring flood. Read
Journey Dec-12 The crack of hoof and turning wheel, the step and fall of leather, by flag and torch and marked by line, as soldiers march together. Read
Forsaken Dec-12 Alone to the revenant, in return of battles lost and forfeit of ambition – I mourn your absence in weeping. Read
The Fell (Part I) Dec-12 I gaze aphotic lines as cuts tenebrous silhouette to bleakest heavens and I wish for the light. Read
The Fell (Part II) Dec-12 In aberration of senses, I give notice of madness and retire from sanity of self. Read
Mother Dec-12 Selfless while given to grace, you foster benevolence and give no room to doubt. Read
Elsewhere Jan-13 In mire and kaolin, bridged by torch and haunted by utterance of death Read
Battle Jan-13 Aubade, as wakes the lion, come Abbadon, while heaven bleeds in prelude to the fallen. Read
Flamenco Jan-13 In flare, as burns all flesh – the sweet caress and ache of brush with blow Read
Today Jan-13 For love true felt, by breath and beat with fervour and a flame – while passion crush and kisses rush, burn endless without shame. Read
Redemption Feb-13 With flood as would passion meet, I surrender to touch and flare in my need to be whole. Read
Breath Feb-13 Be still in dreams, each held in reverence of the moment, gilt by touch and lost to the ardour of flame. Read
Another Letter to Lilly Mar-13 And what say you in dreams, my heart in flame and given to moments – For I would kiss the moon and sail its beams, just to hear your whisper. Read
Merek, in Muse of Love Mar-13 There is no certainty in taste of love, yet I would rather know hunger than feast with a lonely heart. Read
In Visit of Elsewhere May-13 As comes each moment, idle by darkling hour, I know not shadow, but walk amidst light. Read
A Letter to Lilly (Of Autumn) Sept-13 For I dance the blades of nights grey shimmer and leap in dreams of love. Read